Insightful and integrated


With increasing accountability at boardroom and senior management levels, changes to the regulatory environment, and continual technological innovation, managing risk has become more complex.

The Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) team helps clients to manage risk through business processes at all levels of operation – whether organizational, technical, operational or financial.

Mak & Co. assists directors, chief executives, chief financial officers, chief information officers, line management and internal auditors in strengthening organizational performance through optimization of governance, business practices and controls.

Mak & Co. helps clients address issues affecting the condition of their business by taking a holistic approach to risk management to guide them through each phase of the business risk cycle.

In this regard, Mak & Co. offers clients a broad range of risk-related services and group these services into two service lines: Business Risk and Information & Technology Risk.

Each service line is divided into a number of service areas:

Business Risk

Internal Audit

Contract Risk & Compliance

Governance, Regulatory, & Risk Strategies

Information & Technology Risk

Information & Controls Assurance

Risk Management Technologies

Business Continuity & flexibility

Through these services, Mak & Co. offers a comprehensive solution designed to help you to understand business risks, determine acceptable levels of exposure, and design and implement controls, and provides ongoing measurement and monitoring of the risk environment.

Our ERS practice offers a comprehensive array of services designed to help clients understand business risks, determine acceptable levels of exposure, implement controls, and provide ongoing measurement and monitoring of the risk environment and of compliance.