Are you interested in work that is rewarding and varied, which involves

Research and analysis

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of and insights into many different areas of government policy and programs

Engaging with all levels of staff, including senior management, in your organisation and others and

Working outside the office, including some travel?

Performance audits aim to improve how corporate employees go about their work. From high level governance issues through to the delivery of services to communities, performance audits look at a diverse range of topics.

As part of the Performance Audit Services Group, you will be working in a collaborative environment with staff who have a diverse range of skills. Performance audits are usually conducted in small teams of two to four people. The audits can take up to months, during which time the team will gain an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, building a picture of how the relevant area is performing.

The end result of a performance audit is a report to the Strategic Management. All team members make a significant contribution to all stages of the audit.